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Toyota LC300 FLARES - PAINTED  Does not suit ZX or G-RS


Set of 4

2 x Front 

2 x Rear



High quality ABS plastic flares made in Japan


How do they affix to the vehicle:

They are Double sided taped to the original door spat on the outer face and have screws that come from the underside of the wheel arch securing to the plastic door spat.


How Much extra coverage :

Approx 35mm extra coverage with the flares. (+25 works well, +18 Is an agressive offset) 


If you are wanting to proceed please provide the following information:

- Would you like them supplied colour coded, if yes please provide colour code, can be located on the sticker on the "B" pillar.

-Landcruiser - LC300 - Landcruiser 300 - Toyota 300 Series

Toyota LC300 FLARES - PAINTED Does not suit ZX or G-RS

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